Actor Raj Kiran has been missing for 24 years, his wife had a second marriage, his daughter Rishika is now doing this job
Do you remember actor Raj Kiran? The same Raj Kiran, who would have been in a mental asylum in Atlanta a few years ago. Raj Kiran has been missing for many years. So far, his family is looking for him. Raj Kiran caused panic in Bollywood in the 80s. Raj Kiran appeared in most films in a supporting role, but was absorbed in the role. Raj Kiran is still known for movies like “Karz”, “Basera” and “Arth”. No one knows where Raj Kiran is today. The grief of losing this diamond of Hindi cinema is in everyone’s heart. If Raj Kiran had been with us today, he would have been proud of his daughter’s success. Do you know the name of Raj Kiran’s daughter? Where does she live and what does she do?

The name of Raj Kiran’s daughter is Rishika Mahtani Shah. Rishika came into the limelight 11 years ago when reports surfaced from Papa Raj Kiran that he had been found and was in a mental asylum in Atlanta. Afterwards, Rishika said in media interviews that her father was still missing. Reports of being in a mental asylum are false.

Rishika is a blogger and jewelry designer

Rishika Mahtani is a blogger and jewelry designer. Rishika Mahtani is active on Instagram. According to the information received, she makes fine jewelry and blogs. Rishika has 1,787 followers on Instagram as of this writing.

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Writes an article on every dad’s birthday

Rishika Mahtani has not forgotten her father even today and every year on June 20, she shares never-before-seen photos on his birthday. Rishika has shared many never-before-seen photos of Raj Kiran on his Instagram account, including photos from his childhood.

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Rishika got married in 2014

Rishika Mahtani married her boyfriend Ravi Shah in 2014. Prior to the wedding, the two had been dating for many years. Rishika Mahtani mentioned in one of her Instagram posts that she was proposed by Ravi in ​​Hawaii.

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Raj Kiran’s second daughter’s name is Mannat

Besides Rishika, Raj Kiran has another daughter, whose name is Mannat Mahtani. She lives only in America.

Raj Kiran’s wife made a second marriage

Raj Kiran’s wife’s name was Roopa. Reportedly, after waiting for Raj Kiran for many years, she remarried and is now called Roopa Mashruwala.

Rishika with his mother Roopa Mashruwala:

rishika mahtani1

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Raj Kiran started driving a taxi in New York? Rishi Kapoor got a hint in 2011

Reportedly, when Raj Kiran’s career began to deteriorate, he fell into depression. At this time, he was also facing domestic dissension. According to IMDB, Raj Kiran started living by driving a taxi in New York in the 2000s. But no one had heard from Raj Kiran. In 2011, actor Rishi Kapoor met Raj Kiran’s brother in America, who learned that the actor was in a mental asylum. However, Raj Kiran’s daughter Rishika denied this.

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