देखिए कैसे एक 14 साल की Mahindra Scorpio को वीडियो में सफाई से ठीक किया जाता है

Mahindra launched the Scorpion in India two decades ago and over the years the name Scorpion has become cult. Mahindra has kept buyers interested by updating the Scorpion. Over the past few years, the Mahindra Scorpio has gone through a lot of design changes and modifications. We’ll soon start seeing the next-generation Scorpio-N on the roads, a whole new SUV in every way. Even today, many first-generation Mahindra Scorpio owners are happy with this SUV. Here we have a video where the owner of a 14 year old Mahindra Scorpio brought the SUV to a completely new state.

The video was uploaded by BROTOMOTIV on its YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger talks about the new project he’s been working on recently. The Mahindra Scorpio was sent to the workshop by the owner in Goa and he wanted a full restoration job on his SUV. The Scorpion was in good shape. There were rust issues on several panels like the hood, roof rails, etc. The paint had faded and the SUV had started to show its age. The owner of this SUV wanted the SUV to be painted in a dark brown color that is commonly seen on Mercedes-Benz.

After that, the car was taken to the garage, and the workers began to dismantle the car panels. The front fenders, hood, headlights, grille, bumpers were all removed along with the lower door cladding. There were numerous small dents on the doors and other body panels, after removing the paint these dents were rectified using a dent removal machine. After the dents in the car were repaired, a thin layer of filler was applied to the panels and the excess filler was removed for an even look. Panels that had rusted were also treated. They have been replaced with new sheet metal and spray painted to prevent rust.

Watch how a 14-year-old Mahindra Scorpion is cleaned in this video

After all the dent work was done, they took the SUV to the paint booth. Since the owners wanted a dark brown hue on the Scorpion, they opted for a black primer. The whole car was painted black. The doors were removed for a uniform finish, along with the hood and other panels. Each panel of this SUV has been painted separately and the engine area of ​​the car has also been painted. Once the primer is dry. The SUV’s original paint was sprayed on it. The lower body upholstery of this Scorpion was done in a golden hue that went well with the brown hue.

It is not known whether the interiors of this SUV have also been redone. Details regarding the same are not available in the video. The car was fitted with aftermarket alloy wheels. The SUV had the same wheels but was now repainted in a black shade with a gold insert. The final product looked very clean and now resembles the brand new Mahindra Scorpio that just rolled off the production line.

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