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  • Just as men cannot give birth to a child, women cannot play cricket, wear flimsy clothes, and jump.

New Delhi4 hours agoAuthor Mridulika Jha

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Recently, a player made serious allegations against the national coach of the Indian cycling team. In an email to the Sports Authority of India (SAI), the player said that during the ongoing training in Slovakia, the coach broke into his room and wanted to mate. Threatened to ruin his career if he refuses. The frightened players returned home without taking part in the competition.

There is almost a week left for the coach to return home. It takes less time to clean up the evidence after the murder, so it’s a matter of sexual abuse – the crime where the victim is the victim. Needless to say, a lot of changes will be happening these days. Perhaps the player remains silent. Or else the coach should hit back. It can also happen that the coach who would claim “Biwi Wali Feeling” marries the player in large. Then leaving the bicycle contest, the young woman will learn joyful ways to decorate the house and seduce the man.

It was in 2018, when an American woman told in the courtroom, while doing gymnastics, I injured my spinal cord. I was referred to Dr. Larry Nassar. Was going to recover, but started getting sicker. The doctors raped me at every visit. Every time I rolled my eyes, the blood pooled biting my lips. I wanted to vomit, but I went out quietly. He had a great name. Worthy of banishing from my career to my family.

More than 150 girls mingled with the 15-year-old gymnast, raped by this American sports doctor. The girl who first said that was fired from the team. Slowly the girls began to gather. Subki’s voice began to turn into a scream, and then the serial rapist was imprisoned for 175 years.

Meanwhile, around 300 girls also surrounded USA Gymnastics. He said the association deliberately continued to send the girls to a woman-eating doctor in order to put a lamb in a lion’s cage. After years of kneeling, the girls have finally spoken. Even after that, Larry was not removed from his position, nor prevented from coming to work. He would come the same way and continue to treat the girls in the closed room.

Even after the first report of rape, the association kept the matter secret for months. Speaking of which, the players have been sent on forced leave for weeks. Even the girls who accused the doctor of rape ended up being called crazy or incidentally sensitive, that is, the girl who, while examining her knee, simply accused the doctor of touching her chest. There was a lot of noise, then after about 10 months the action started.

Although there has been talk of sexual exploitation of girls in sport in the past, it was like the sound of a child bouncing around in the middle of a serious discussion about buying a house. Joan Ryan, author of the book “Little Girls in Pretty Boxes”, writes about it – they are girls. If a man who has mastered gymnastics teases or rapes her, she will remain silent. These are the girls whose parents have mortgaged their house for their sport, so they can’t face rape!

Rape is not the only crime in sport. A revelation by the human rights organization Human Rights Watch caused panic in 2019, according to which 121 child athletes died in Japan alone from 1983 to 2016. Indeed, during the practice, these children allegedly had unnatural sex and also beatings. Many children gave up the game, then many committed suicide, which is not counted in the world of sport. A year later, the Olympics were held in Tokyo, in which countries from all over the world came with their players. The children’s tears of death were lost in the foam of champagne.

Many times the question also arises that if there is so much injustice in sport, then why is it not brought to the fore! You won’t have to go far to find the reason. For a long time, it was believed that sport was for boys. When they return home after sweating, they will find the girlfriend at the door with a soft towel. Women should skate a little, or if their heart wants more, they can play like fish in water. They are also happy, the public is also happy.

Just as men cannot give birth to children, women cannot play things like football-judo. After much chatter, the women came to the field, but were unable to enter the newscast. Raison! Men did not give them the right to write and speak about sport. Hey, what would women who don’t know the difference between polo and golf write about the game! If you want to write, then write love stories, or write parenting tips, but leave the game.

In January this year, research came out in Germany, which found that girls make up less than 10% of sports reporting worldwide. There was no question of this disclosure of research that lasted from 2006 to 2020. I didn’t even need it! After all, sport is the domain of men, where women enter by force. So the same thing happened to the women who wrote about the game how one should be treated with the guest who came and stayed uninvited. She was made either to write about the players’ belongings or to anchor herself by wearing light clothing. In such a situation, who writes about sexual exploitation in sport?

His feet, bathed in the cloud of time, fell in Kerala. How wonderful it would be if this rain could put an end to the sterility of souls with the earth.

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