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  • IPL media rights auction continues
  • BCCI expects to earn thousands of crores

IPL LIVE media rights auction: Today is a very important day for the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). An auction is underway in Mumbai over Indian Premier League (IPL) media rights. These auctions are held for the circle of the year 2023 to 2027 and the BCCI expects a rain of money. Currently the media rights of IPL are with Disney-Star, this contract ends with IPL 2022.

Who participated in the media rights auction?

This time, BCCI kept the base price of IPL media rights at over Rs 32,000 crores. For which many companies in the entertainment world are face to face. Viacom-18 from Reliance, Zee, Sony, Star-Disney are included in the auction taking place in Mumbai on June 12. Previously, Amazon was also in the race for media rights, but on the same day, Amazon withdrew its name from this auction.

According to the report, IPL’s media rights auction is in full swing. So far, the mega price has crossed 42,000 crore and it is also likely to cross 50,000 crore. This is three times the previous media rights auction. The peculiarity is that 42,000 crore rupees were offered for only two packages. These include TV rights and digital rights, as the amount of full media rights can be very high.

What is the rate and method of this time?

Because now a lot has changed and the focus is more on digital. This is the reason why the media rights have been divided into four packages ranging from IPL 2023 to IPL 2027.

• Television media rights
• Digital media rights
• Rights to playoff matches
• Rights outside the Indian continent

These packages have been allocated on the basis that 74 matches should be staged each year over the next three seasons and 94 matches over the past two seasons. A separate base price has been set for each package, after which bidding will begin.

TV Media Rights has a base price of Rs 49 crores per game, Digital Media Rights has a base price of Rs 33 crores per game, Package C is priced at Rs 11 crores per game and Package D is priced at Rs 3 crore per game. match.

Will the amount exceed 50,000 crores?

Everyone was surprised when BCCI kept the base price for media rights at Rs 32,000 crore. Because TV ratings were very low in IPL 2022 but even after that it made no difference to IPL. According to the base price, it was thought that the auction bids could reach 60,000 crores. Because before, we expected a fight between big companies like Amazon and Reliance.

However, with Amazon retiring its name, that hope looks dim. Even after that, if the bid goes up to 50,000 crores, it won’t be a surprise. The special thing is that this time TV rights and digital rights can also be purchased by different companies.

What statement did Sourav Ganguly give?

BCCI Chairman Sourav Ganguly also made a statement regarding the IPL media rights auction. Sourav Ganguly says IPL wins more than Premier League so now it becomes the biggest sporting event in the world. IPL is run by the people of the country, millions of Indian cricket fans drive it forward.

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